Monday, May 14, 2007

Introduction, First Miters

Hello everyone! Like you all, I was inspired by Cara to knit miters. I knit my first miters using what I had on hand, Misson Falls 1824 Wool, which happens to be my favorite yarn so far in my knitting experience. I knew I wanted to knit more miters, but I wasn't sure what yarn to use. After checking out the Tahki Cotton Classic and other cotton and cotton-blend yarns, I decided to stick with the 1824 Wool. I love knitting with it; It makes a lovely mitered square; And it is washable. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase a project's worth of yarn at one time, so I am going to pick up balls in colors that appeal to me as I can afford them. Pictured above are my first miters, and pictured below are the colors I have purchased so far. Yesterday, I began a miter using the blue/green and brown combination.

Hello and Intro

Hi, thanks for letting me join you guys! I too was inspired/obsessed with Cara's lovely miters. I work on one block at a time and seam as i go. I've made three so far.
Block #1
Block #2
Block #3
I'm using elann sonata on #6 denise circs. i bought 20 skeins to start and will buy more as needed. i'm hoping to make a double sized bedspread, or a 6x6 grid, so i have a long way to go. more info can be found on my blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blog Contest!!

I'm leaving very early tomorrow morning to drive to California, and my mitered squares are going to be the knitting I do in the car when I'm not driving. I decided to have a contest on my blog, and since it's miter related, I thought I'd post it here, so yall could play too!! :D

I'm having a "Guess How Many Miters I Knit On our Drive to CA" contest, and the prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts (home of Socks that Rock!). If you're interested, please visit my blog at:! It should be the first entry. :D

Happy knitting!

Happy Mothers' Day!

To everyone!

I've knit more miters, but no pictures just yet - I'll post progress tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lone Corner Square

Hi, y'all! First of all, here's my miter progress:

Woo hoo! Oh, and that "Corner Square" in the title? It's not that pink and taupe one in the picture... It's this square:

...which was supposed to be this square:

BUT - because I'm an idiot - I overlooked the fact that you have to start with a backwards 7 as stated in the Mason-Dixon no-sew mitered square and picked one that was a regular 7. So that square is going to become this one instead (AKA The Lone Corner Square):

Hee hee - oops.

And oh, I started the hot pink and light pink miter (the one underneath the completed upper-right corner square) which IS a backwards 7, just upside-down. *Whew!*

That's all folks! Keep on mitering on!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Hello everyone, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Karen, and you can find me over at . I don't have a tried and true method for my MSA yet, but I do admire the MS Paint method that Rachele came up with. I have 6 squares done so far, but I only have pics of the first 2 squares. I am experimenting with colors right now. I also have decided that some of the sqaures will represent things that are happening in my life. My hubby and I lost our precious dog, King on Easter Sunday. You have to understand, we'd had him in our lives for five years. He was like our child. When he was hit by the car, I was knitting my first miter square. This blanket has become like a tribute to him. The first square is "King's Square".

I have plans for other squares to represent the recent tragedies in our nation. I live nearby Virginia Tech so the tragedy that unfolded there a few weeks ago hit rather close to home.

I didn't mean to make my miters sound so depressing. I have often heard people refer to knitting as therapeutic and the new yoga. It wasn't until now that I understood exactly what they were talking about. It really does help me deal with stress, trauma, and sadness. It brings me joy and it relaxes me. Knit on, miterers!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hi, guys! :)
My name is Manda, and I reside in Blogland at

Cara has been a great inspiration to my knitting. First the Jaywalkers, now the Mitered Square blanket. I see how and why they are so addicting, however I have things that "MUST GET DONE" right now... and this blanket is just a "eh. When I finish it, it'll be done" sort of project. I am feeling the Call of the Miter, though.

Yesterday, reinspired by this KAL, I knit a mitered square!! :) I have ideas for color combos, but I know I will forget... so I'm going to have to start writing them down. Or maybe borrowing the square template below. ;) heeh

Here are my squares so far:

Mitred Squares

Miters #5 & 6