Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lone Corner Square

Hi, y'all! First of all, here's my miter progress:

Woo hoo! Oh, and that "Corner Square" in the title? It's not that pink and taupe one in the picture... It's this square:

...which was supposed to be this square:

BUT - because I'm an idiot - I overlooked the fact that you have to start with a backwards 7 as stated in the Mason-Dixon no-sew mitered square and picked one that was a regular 7. So that square is going to become this one instead (AKA The Lone Corner Square):

Hee hee - oops.

And oh, I started the hot pink and light pink miter (the one underneath the completed upper-right corner square) which IS a backwards 7, just upside-down. *Whew!*

That's all folks! Keep on mitering on!

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