Sunday, May 6, 2007


Hi, guys! :)
My name is Manda, and I reside in Blogland at

Cara has been a great inspiration to my knitting. First the Jaywalkers, now the Mitered Square blanket. I see how and why they are so addicting, however I have things that "MUST GET DONE" right now... and this blanket is just a "eh. When I finish it, it'll be done" sort of project. I am feeling the Call of the Miter, though.

Yesterday, reinspired by this KAL, I knit a mitered square!! :) I have ideas for color combos, but I know I will forget... so I'm going to have to start writing them down. Or maybe borrowing the square template below. ;) heeh

Here are my squares so far:

Mitred Squares

Miters #5 & 6


Rachele said...

Manda your squares look great! We're pretty much in the same place on our blankets - this is the point for me where I am still excited about knitting the squares and can do 2 or so a day. We'll see what happens later on when the "diminishing returns" factor settles in... I am hoping this KAL makes me stay on track!

Rachele said...

Oh and by the way - certainly use the square template that I made! It's a little Kindergarten looking, but it really makes it easy to see the big picture. Or if you just colored in the squares you have completed, you could see what new colors would look good where, and move squares around without yet completing them. Nice!