Sunday, May 6, 2007


Of course, the inspiration of this KAL: Cara of january one. Her MSA - which at this point has yet to be seamed - is a sight to be seen! I go through her MSA archives over and over like they were a fashion magazine. What a delight!

The Mason-Dixon MSA that really brought the idea of the mitered square to life for me. If you go to the September 2006 archives about halfway down the page, you can see some great info about this blanket including the recipe for a cool partial garter mitered square. Also, if anyone knows how to see individual archived posts on their page, let me know.

Stephanie, a member of the Mason-Dixon KAL - which btw is a great place to find inspration - made a fabulous MSA.

The Naked Sheep has a wonderful MSA in progress with very lovely pictures.

How often do we "stumble upon" great knit blogs while surfing the web? Well, I found Tikkupeitto that way. She has made over 100 blankets for a huge blanket project that you can read about on her blog, and the pictures are stunning. This one is my favorite MSA; talk about clever! True, not all of the blankets are made up of mitered squares, but they really are impressive - they kind of seem like art projects. And check out her recent archives to see all of her charity sock knitting!

If you're wanting to knit the miters but are not crazy about the playful, bold stripes, DollyDimpleKnits has a bea-U-tiful MSA in progress using a self-striping yarn to make her squares. Gorgeous.

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