Monday, May 14, 2007

Introduction, First Miters

Hello everyone! Like you all, I was inspired by Cara to knit miters. I knit my first miters using what I had on hand, Misson Falls 1824 Wool, which happens to be my favorite yarn so far in my knitting experience. I knew I wanted to knit more miters, but I wasn't sure what yarn to use. After checking out the Tahki Cotton Classic and other cotton and cotton-blend yarns, I decided to stick with the 1824 Wool. I love knitting with it; It makes a lovely mitered square; And it is washable. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase a project's worth of yarn at one time, so I am going to pick up balls in colors that appeal to me as I can afford them. Pictured above are my first miters, and pictured below are the colors I have purchased so far. Yesterday, I began a miter using the blue/green and brown combination.

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