Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Hello everyone, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Karen, and you can find me over at . I don't have a tried and true method for my MSA yet, but I do admire the MS Paint method that Rachele came up with. I have 6 squares done so far, but I only have pics of the first 2 squares. I am experimenting with colors right now. I also have decided that some of the sqaures will represent things that are happening in my life. My hubby and I lost our precious dog, King on Easter Sunday. You have to understand, we'd had him in our lives for five years. He was like our child. When he was hit by the car, I was knitting my first miter square. This blanket has become like a tribute to him. The first square is "King's Square".

I have plans for other squares to represent the recent tragedies in our nation. I live nearby Virginia Tech so the tragedy that unfolded there a few weeks ago hit rather close to home.

I didn't mean to make my miters sound so depressing. I have often heard people refer to knitting as therapeutic and the new yoga. It wasn't until now that I understood exactly what they were talking about. It really does help me deal with stress, trauma, and sadness. It brings me joy and it relaxes me. Knit on, miterers!

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